Opportunities & Competition

Our dancers have opportunities to perform in 5-6 shows in the Fall semester (August-December) and 5-6 shows/competitions in the Spring semester (January-June). Depending on their age, level and classes enrolled some performances are in-studio showcases or free community performances.

Our dancers in Level 1 and Up have the opportunity to compete in the Spring semester in 2-3 competitions. Some competitions we attend are: Hall of Fame, Hollywood Vibe, In10sity, Celebrity, YAGP ballet competitions and other various ballet specific competitions.

Our Mini Performance group is made up of dancers that are in the pre-competition ages (under 7yrs).

Contact the studio about more information office@arizonadanceartistry.com

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At Arizona Dance Artistry, our goal is to offer quality dance training that contributes to a child’s life in a positive way encouraging confidence, poise and a passion for dance.