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We offer private lessons for Pilates with use of the Allegro 2 reformer, tower and chair as well as group mat classes. Reformer lessons are encouraged at any age, for any body type and with any goal in mind. Pilates is helpful to strengthen dancers or work on recovering from an injury.

Group classes are priced on our standard tuition schedule. These classes are included on our Unlimited Class Tuition Plan.

To schedule a private lesson with Melissa Satyavelu or Elizabeth Fadell, please use our online scheduler.

For questions, please contact Melissa directly at 816-786-2062 or


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What is Pilates?

· Movement that focuses on spinal articulation in all four ranges of movement; flexion, extension, side bending and rotation

· It helps with stabilization and mobilization of the spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle, and focuses on increasing range of motion on all planes of movement while maintaining a proper mind-body connection.

· Pilates is often used for strength training and heightened mobility or flexibility, however it is becoming more commonly seen in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation facilities.

· Pilates can be used to rehabilitate shoulder, hip, and back injuries as well as treat conditions such as Osteopenia, Scoliosis and pelvic misalignments.

· Pilates equipment most commonly works by using springs for resistance to either help or challenge the body through dynamic movements.

How do I schedule a private lesson?

· Click on our “Classes” tab

· Click on “Pilates”

· Click on “Book with Melissa” to set up a Private Lesson

· If you have any questions, you can email her directly at

· 30-minute Private Lesson: $35 60-minute Private Lesson: $60

What Pilates equipment do you have?


· Uses springs attached to a moving carriage.

· Straps for feet and arms help strength train and stretch all areas of the body.

· Attachments such as the long box, baby arc, and jump board can be used to challenge or modify exercises to suit each client/student’s needs.

· Tower unit has different resistance of springs for arms as well as a mat that inserts into the base to change the reformer into a fully functional tower unit.


· Has springs attached to two separate pedals.

· A wooden dowel is inserted to make the pedals move as one, or can be taken out to challenge imbalances by using each pedal independently.

· The chair is the most athletic piece of equipment and one of the most challenging.

Bosu Ball:

· This common piece of home equipment is used to work on proprioception by challenging the user with an unstable surface.

· The Bosu can be used either ball side up, or base side up to create challenging exercises for feet, ankle, legs, core and arms.

Props: are used by themselves or with the use of equipment to help clients or students connect with their body more fully and fine tune specific movements.

· Thera-bands

· Balls

· Weights


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