Concert Dates:

Friday, May 19th 2017, "Giselle" 6:30pm

Saturday, May 20th 2017, Concert of Colors 11am and 1:30pm

Saturday, May 20th 2017 "Giselle" 5:00pm

Location: Cactus High School, 6330 W Greenway Rd. Glendale AZ 85306

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Princess Pirouette and Fundamentals students drop off procedure: 

 When you enter the lobby/ cafeteria for the auditorium, look for the "AZDA Dancer Check-In" sign.  This will point to the check-in desk. 
  At the check-in desk, you will first sign in your dancer and give us your cell phone number. If anything happens backstage, you will be notified by a volunteer with a text message. 
  If your dancer has an accessory or shoe change, please make sure you bring a Gallon-Sized Ziploc bag with their name on it. 
The check-in desk will give you a sticker with your dancer’s name on it that needs to go on your child’s back, on top of their costume.
Then one parent will be allowed into the dressing room to introduce your child to their class parent and give them their garment bag/ shoe bag (if you have one).  ONE Parent for Each dancer (including class parents) will receive a colored label that says “Dance Parent.”  To ensure dancer safety and make sure only parents are backstage, these will be our indicator of who is allowed to be in the dressing room. Any adults backstage without a sticker will be asked who they are there to see and sent them to the check-in desk or to a staff member.
Then you are welcome to take your seats.
We are here to make this an OUTSTANDING and SAFE performance experience for your child, we welcome your feedback!
·       Dancers should bring MINIMAL amount of additional items other than their required dance wear and costumes. This is to keep our areas clean and makes it easier to collect their belongings.
·       Dancers are ONLY ALLOWED water in a water bottle backstage. Other juices or soft drinks are not allowed in the dressing areas. Snacks are welcome, please make sure these are easy to eat quickly and don’t require a microwave. All snacks should be nut free.

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At Arizona Dance Artistry, our goal is to offer quality dance training that contributes to a child’s life in a positive way encouraging confidence, poise and a passion for dance.